Project Description

Manjushree Plantations first cultivated coffee at the Lauriston estate in 1842. The plantation produces both the Arabica and Robusta varieties.

Every cup of Manjushree coffee tells a story of heritage and passion. Combining age-old wisdom and modern innovation, coffee production is meticulously carried out, all done so you can enjoy the taste one of the finest beverages crafted. Manjushree Plantations strives continuously to improve the quality of coffee. By adopting the latest cultivation techniques and constantly upgrading employee skills, Manjushree Plantations is able to achieve the highest standards. Available in bulk as well as retail packages.

Bulk Coffee

Arabica (Green Coffee Beans)
Robusta (Green Coffee Beans)

Retail Packs of 200g

Glenvans Single Estate Coffee
Lauriston Single Estate Coffee
Arabica Gourmet Selection

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